5 Things We Experienced On A Girl's Trip to Toronto

Cityline TV with Lisa Louise and Gail

Out of the blue I received an email from Rogers Cityline TV with tickets for the October 30th show, I had completely forgotten about applying to be in the audience back in July. If you know anything about me you definitely know I am obsessed with everything glamorous and feminine, I follow Cityline and they definitely are even better in person!  I had no intentions of travelling in October but I thought what the heck I'll put out a few calls to my girlfriends and see if it could happen. I love spontaneity and prayed to the universe for this to happen. Between work, family commitments, living in different cities I don't see my friends as much as I would like. Mary couldnt get the time off work, Gail said she couldn't but then said yes, I did a happy dance, trips with Gail are magical!

I have known my friend, Gail Morgan since 2010, when I went to teach Esthetics at CNA Gander. We became fast friends from the beginning. The beauty of our friendship gives me so much joy. We laughed so much and we now have several more friends from this beautiful trip. It was just good to laugh, eat great food and party with friends!

This trip was long overdue. Here is some of the things we did that made our visit amazing. 1 Met and hung out with friends old and new!, 2 Cityline TV show 3 Outlet Malls and Vintage shopping, 4 I visited friends and family on Halloween 5 Enjoyed a special evening out in downtown Toronto.

Thirty Restaurant and Lounge

SUNDAY A friend picked us up from the airport and was the perfect host. We ate at Denny's its always a great choice for an all day breakfast. Then went downtown to our hotel IHG Holiday Inn hotel. I am always up late the night before I travel so I took a luxurious mid day nap while Gail and Keith went shopping. I am not a shopper now like I used to be, haha but Gail made up for that, she loves to shop! Then her friend Louise met up with us at the hotel and we went for dinner and drinks at Thirty Restaurant and Lounge. The food there was amazing. Overall this hotel was fabulous. Alex on the front desk totally looked after us.

MONDAY We got all dolled up to go to Cityline TV and it didn't disappoint! We met Tracy, Camille and all the crew. It was so great, we loved it and Bonus! ...I learned a new spice recipe that was delicious. I met one of my role models, a cityline expert, Marilyn, who was a Sears model way back when. She is a stunning looking woman because she shines positivity like a North star from her core, what a treat to meet Marilyn!

Gail at Cityline TV

Marilyn and Lisa

Then it was off to one of Louise's fav spots to eat, Fran's Diner, a restaurant that has been on the go since 1940! Whoa the food was amazing and the diner was so cute. We hit the road for the lake house and just relaxed for the evening by a crackling fire enjoying Italian pasta and wine. A night with the girls was just what we all needed. Gail said she felt like Nikki Newman and I definitely felt special being in such beautiful company with the best hostess I have ever been in the company of! Thank you Louise, your hospitality is second to none.

TUESDAY Shopping at the outlet malls in Vaughn was great, we did some holiday shopping and I got treats for my grandkids in Ontario, who I surprise visited, that was awesome to see their faces in disbelief. Priceless! Then it was onto Toronto for the night. We got some bad news, one of Gail's dear friends passed away unexpectedly, that was so so sad. Life is precious so make the most of every moment. We just hung out together to comfort Gail.


 WEDNESDAY Gamma ( Nancy ) the kids Nana met us for a quick visit  and she graciously dropped us to the airport. Time with Nancy is always fun! At YYZ we stopped to the Air Canada Lounge for snacks and a drink and said goodbye to Toronto until next time! We never had time for the complimentary Chanel makeover near our gate 😳 but we will next time! Everyone was so nice, sweet and helpful.

We loved it. 

Thankful for the new memories and new friends 



The girls with Tracy Moore!


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