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The "Fab Over 40" contest is a competition  that celebrates and showcases fabulous women who are over the age of 40 and , whether it be due to their appearance, accomplishments, or overall vitality. Fab over 40 challenges age-related stereotypes and promote a positive image of aging while supporting The National  Breast Cancer Foundation Inc. 

I decided to enter this competition because I wanted to challenge myself to feel fabulous everyday. There is no doubt I love the glam life, but I am also a workaholic and throughout my businesses growth I definitely lost myself for a while. Thank you for the daily inspiration to do my best with this decision, it truly means the world to me. Overall I placed fourth in my group which was amazing considering it was a US competition, I enjoyed the experience and I feel great.

Menopause, losing people you love, the daily strains of work and life took its tole on me, but I am back baby! Better, more wise, healthier and happy. I think seeing our grandchildren grow has been such a wonderful gift in this transition back to myself.

 Living every moment with intention, passion and integrity

Living my best life everyday. I am an animal lover, animal rights advocate (PETA) so much so it was so important to me not to have any testing done on animals with my company or use any ingredients not vetted to be plant based. I am an environmentalist at heart. Reduce, reuse, recycle is my motto. I am doing good on the recycling and reusing, and working hard to "reduce" and minimalize my home and life. My close friends are going to chuckle reading this! I am a vintage DIYer so its hard to reduce!

What is your favourite tip to stay fabulous?

There are so many little things I do to stay fabulous but my favourite is to smile as much as possible. Your smile brightens your mood and lifts up others too. It is the ultimate kind thing to do. Being kind to others makes me feel great. It fills and overflows my cup to do good things for people, animals and the earth.

If you are looking for tips on self care take a peek at my other blog where I review my self care rituals routine Menopause Evening Ritual

What advice would you give your younger self?

To invest in yourself, believe in yourself and look after yourself. Reach for the stars and follow your passion. Don't be defined by a man or partner, live your best life doing what you love. You are enough, love yourself more.

Go ahead start writing that magazine you dreamed about! Here it isthmus was my first issue of  Island Dream Magazine

Take the risks, enjoy the journey!


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