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The Skin Benefits of Labrador Tea

Posted by Lisa WALSH on
The Skin Benefits of Labrador Tea

Labrador Tea is a Northern indigenous plant historically known for its use as a herbal tea favoured by natives. It is the main herb in our Magical Beauty Tea  - a blend of wild foraged adaptogens.  We also choose to use this botanical in our formulations for its wonderous skin benefits.

Labrador Tea is three times as potent as Vitamin C and E. This plant extract has excellent calming properties, reduces redness and can help clear acne, eczema and psoriasis. It is rich in skin repairing and anti-inflammatory ursolic acid, which aids skin in keeping its natural elasticity and promotes collagen production. In addition it prevents water loss from the skin, allowing it to remain hydrated. It truly is one of nature's best anti-aging ingredients. 

You can find Labrador Tea enriched in many of our skincare products including our:

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