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7 Tips To Spring Clean Your Beauty Routine

Posted by Lisa WALSH on
Rose Petal Eye Cream

7 things you need to do to keep your skin healthy and happy this week. 

1 Throw out all old makeup and cosmetics that you don't use. Mascara, blush and eyeshadows can irritate the skin and cause breakouts if they are past their usages dates. Masacara is 4-6 months after opening. powder based products is 2 years. Throw last year's sunscreen out, it will cause breakouts if applied to sensitive or problem skin.

2 Clean your make up brushes with our Aurora  Facial Bar. I love this one for cleaning my brushes weekly. I rinse my brushes thoroughly then wash them with my Aurora Facial Bar by rubbing each one gently on the soap bar. Repeat and rinse until brushes rinse clear. 

3 Use our Botanical Sanitizer to mist on your brushes after each use to reduce bacteria. 

4 Check your bathroom storage to see what you have in consumable supplies and products so you don't overstock. Remember most products of natural origin have a 2-3 year shelf life. I store all my products in a drawer to prevent oxidation of products. Cool dark dry storage is a must for your products. 

5 Double cleanse and use toner to keep skin clean and hydrated in the summer months. Our Aurora Facial Mist is an aloe and wild rose based toner with liquid moisturizing properties.

6 Don't over moisturize in summer. My go to is the Aurora Mist and Serum with the Sleeping Masque at night to keep my skin optimally hydrated.  

7 We can't stress enough to use a hyaluronic acid based eye cream. It plumps, brightens and can also be used on areas that have fine lines and expression line like around the mouth. It is light as air adn absorbs quickly so your skin looks glowy... but not too shiny. 



PS: I am adding in a throwback image of myself with my family on every new blog post. This is a favourite of mine with my niece: Hunter. 

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