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Healing beauty powered by the wonders of nature. Naturally derived skincare created with wild grown botanicals hand harvested here, in the Canadian province of Newfoundland and Labrador. Our formulations balance scientific innovation with the natural power of this unique, resilient landscape.

A blend of pure ingredients sustainably distilled from sea botanicals and indigenous northern boreal extracts. Working in harmony with the seasons, we locally grow and wild forage these indigenous ingredients. We craft pure, safe and effective products, here on the island, to care for your skin and the environment.

Sustainable - Affordable - Natural Luxury

For All

The magic of our precious landscape inspired the birth of Indigena skincare. The island of Newfoundland is a geographic anomaly. It exists below the 49th parallel and on the same latitude as Paris. The landscape endures a harsh, ever-changing North Atlantic climate. This has allowed rare adaptogenic plants to grow and adapt for survival over millions of years. Now, they flourish on this land creating some of the most powerful plant actives that we mindfully forage by hand. Using adaptogenic plants allows us to create resilient skincare. We capture nature’s essence to offer skin the same strength, balance and protection that these plants have developed for themselves over millennia.

Every Indigena product is packed full of these potent botanicals. They are rich in antioxidants and deliver plentiful nutrients to the skin. We blend waterless formulations that replace the typical “aqua” with skin soothing and nourishing botanical waters. Our products work in harmony to fight free radical damage and are scientifically proven to deliver glowing, clear and healthier skin for all.

At Indigena, we believe in creating happiness for the skin you live in through healing beauty inside and out. We are passionate about creating products that truly make a difference to people's lives. This is why we choose to embrace botanical adaptogenic skincare so that nature’s strength can restore your skin’s balance.

All our products are made in Newfoundland, Canada.

Naturally derived, Vegan & Cruelty Free certified by PETA.


I founded Indigena to create sustainable, exceptional, affordable skincare from botanical ingredients native to the island. I was, and still am, continuously inspired by home - the island of Newfoundland - one of the world’s most remote and clean eco systems. I love the world of beauty and wanted to capture nature’s healing elements to create a restorative journey to skin wellness. At Indigena we help you feel good in your skin.

Though my daily work is diverse... from managing the day to day of research, production to marketing, I always make time to explore and forage the land and sea of Newfoundland. After all, it is these native botanicals that are the heart of our adaptogenic formulas.

I am happiest when near the ocean, her strength and beauty inspire me to live my best life. Our lab and production facility are located on the Newfoundland coast where the crashing waves and salty air are within a stone's through. I am so blessed to be able to look out my window and sea the ocean.

Being passionate about our planet's health and all her inhabitants is #1, which is why being cruelty free and vegan certified by PETA is so important to my values as a person and business owner. Indigena was built on my word to use the most potent and pure natural ingredients in the most sustainable way possible. We do this to empower our customers to live their best life through sustainable self care.

Lisa Walsh (B.A.,B.Ed, Aesthetician, Beauty Expert and Nature Lover)

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