We are passionate about creating products that truly make a difference to people's lives. We embrace botanical adaptogens to formulate skincare so that nature’s strength can restore your skin’s balance here on the island of Newfoundland.

Meet our Founder:

Founded by Educator and Hair Designer, Lisa Walsh in 2009, Island Skincare is an eco conscious brand that produces all its products in house in Conception Bay South, NL Canada. Lisa is the CEO and Creative Director of Island Skincare.

Lisa has worked in the Cosmetics industry since 1984. She has owned salons, spas, was a Hair Colour Educator for Wella, she has won regional and national awards from Salon Magazine, Redken, Joico, L'Oreal to name a few.

She has worked in the movie and TV industry as a Red Seal Hair Designer, Esthetician and Make Up Artist.

Lisa volunteered for Skills Canada training several students to compete nationally and has also written curriculum scopes for Skills Canada competitions.

She is passionate about sharing knowlege and thoroughly enjoys motivating other entrepreneur. Recently has shared her business journey & knowledge as a Speaker at HBBG Stronger Together Conference held in Vancouver February 2023.

When she is not working she is most likely reading, gardening, beach combing & hiking the East Coast Trail, learning a new skill online, blogging, or interior decorating.

Throughout her career she has worked with the Provincial Government as a Team Member for Department of Advanced Education, Skills and Labour, Apprenticeship and Trades Certification Division visiting colleges throughout the province as a Accreditation Team Member. 

At the age of 36 Lisa's health was compromised from chemical exposure working in her beloved award winning salons and spas. Being very sensitive to chemicals in hair colour, perms and nail products she had to step away from the industry she adored to restore her health. It was while she was on this wellness journey that she decided to create her own products and that is where the idea of Island Skincare began.

As an proud islander growing up in outport Newfoundland Lisa knew that our plants here had amazing health benefits and set out to learn how these plants essences compared to other botanicals globally. Enlisting the help of The Botanical Garden of Newfoundland (Todd Boland + team, Tim and Wendy) the research began.

After many R&D projects the results were resounding, the plants alone had the highest antioxidants of their kind on the planet but together they were exponentially stronger than anything other comparable extract blend on the market!


Why Are Our Botanical Extract Blends the Secret Ingredient in Our Skincare?

On the island we hand forage rare plants that are challenged daily for their very survival by fluctuating temperatures and constantly changing weather. They have adapted to these extreme conditions and they are the botanical superstars of Island Skincare. Through  research collaborating with several Canadian provincial and federal government agencies like National Research Council and Memorial University we have created extract blends that yield the highest antioxidants of their kind on the planet. They are hand picked from land and sea at their most potent, and it is their carefully extracted essences that we blend together to create sustainable, pure and effective  products.

Powerfully adapted to fight aging, acne and sensitivity, these botanical extract blends are the soldiers of our skincare, defending and maintaining your skin’s integrity

Island Skincare has created products for each skin type and conditions like acne and sensitivity  to provide glowing, clear, and calm skin, no matter what your age.


Formulated with adaptogenic plants rich in antioxidants, native to Newfoundland. These botanicals offer your skin the same strength, balance and protection that they have developed for themselves over millennia.  

 Our products work to fight free radical damage and are scientifically proven to deliver glowing, clearer and healthier skin.

Working in harmony with nature, we are passionate creators with a deep respect for nature and all earth's inhabitants. Caring for all animals on this planet is very important to us and for that reason we went through certification from People For the Protection of Animals (PETA) for Cruelty Free and Vegan in 2017.

At ISC, because we control our own supply chain we can offer you these products at incredibly affordable prices.


We package using sustainable packaging that are made from 100% recyclable containers, refillable glass bottles and FSC certified paper packaging. We are working to minimize our carbon footprint in all areas of our business.

At ISC, because we control our own supply chain we can offer you these products at incredibly affordable prices. Helping you look after yourself and your family with safe non toxic products for face, hair and body.

Island Skincare is powered by the wonders of nature and the power and passion of a woman and incredible team who believe every choice we make that protects our safety, mental health and environment is a step in the right direction.

Our Story

We are Island Skincare - a beauty brand powered by the wonders of nature and science. 100% natural skincare created with wild grown botanicals hand harvested here, in the Canadian province of Newfoundland and Labrador. Our formulations balance scientific innovation with the natural power of this unique, resilient landscape. A blend of pure ingredients sustainably distilled from sea botanicals and northern boreal extracts. Working in harmony with the seasons, we locally grow and wild forage these botanical ingredients. We craft pure, safe and effective products, here on the island, to care for your skin and the environment.

The magic of our rugged landscape inspired Lisa to research and develop a range of products with proven results to improve skin on contact.

The island of Newfoundland is a geographic anomaly. It exists below the 49th parallel and on the same latitude as Paris. The landscape endures a harsh, ever-changing North Atlantic climate. This has allowed rare adaptogenic plants to grow and adapt for survival over millions of years. Now, they flourish on this land creating some of the most powerful plant actives that we mindfully forage by hand. Using adaptogenic plants allows us to create resilient skincare. We capture nature’s essence to offer skin the same strength, balance and protection that these plants have developed for themselves over millennia.

Every product we create is packed full of these potent botanicals. They are rich in antioxidants and deliver vitamins and minerals to the skin. We blend waterless formulations that replace the typical “aqua” with skin soothing and nourishing botanical waters. Distilled here on our property in Conception Bay South NL. Our products work in harmony to fight free radical damage and are scientifically proven to deliver glowing, clear and calm skin no matter what your age.

We believe in creating happiness for the skin you live in. We are passionate about creating products that truly make a difference to people's lives. This is why we choose to embrace nature and science in our formulations so that our proprietary extract based skincare can restore your skin’s balance.

100% Natural, Vegan and Cruelty Free certified by PETA.

In 2009 I founded Indigena, now rebranded Island Skincare to create exceptional, affordable skincare from botanical ingredients native to Newfoundland. I was, and still am, continuously inspired by this unique landscape - one of the world’s most remote and clean eco systems. I love the world of beauty and wanted to capture nature’s healing elements to create a restorative journey to skin wellness. At Island Skincare we create effective, sustainable and affordable skincare.
Native botanicals that are the heart of our adaptogenic formulations. Our brand is built on a commitment to using the most potent and pure natural ingredients in the most sustainable way possible. 

Lisa Walsh
NACC Aesthetician
Red Seal Journeyman Hairstylist
Post Secondary Instructor Cosmetology and Esthetics 10+ years
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