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Avalonia Mystical eau de toilette SOLD OUT


Our inspiration: A little shed in the historic town of Bay de Verde, Newfoundland. Lisa wanted to capture memories of summer days with her grandfather, Patrick Walsh and Uncle Tommy working in their shed. Fisherman who loved the ocean, the outdoors and woodworking. This little outport town is located in Avalonia (an ancient microcontinent that once sat in the middle of the ancient Iapetus Ocean). The remains of that long-vanished landmass now form the Avalon Peninsula of Newfoundland. A rugged, beautiful place we call home.

With aromas of Cedarwood, Black Spruce, and dark rum that awaken the senses while warming notes of vanilla, musky wild rose  & oakmoss add warm notes. Ending with a lingering scent of spicy tobacco this eau de toilette is reminiscent of of smokey late nights.

 Avalonia Mystical eau de toilette is earthy with a contemporary, sophisticated edge. From the sunlight sparkling on the North Atlantic's surface to its saffire depths, Avalonia Mystical is the beginning of new adventures. 

Comes in refillable vessel with signature wooden cap with a saffire blue silk tassel. Gift wrapped in a zero waste limited edition material.

A little shy to order a full size new fragrance?

We have a pen style fine mist option in  7.5 ml that will last a month or more with daily use to experience Avalonia Mystical.  Shipping is included when ordering the sample 7.5 ml size.







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